Informations 104th Auction

Updated information for our costumers concerning our 104th auction on 17.04.2020 – 23.04.2020

Times are changing. Some times are good, some are a little harder. As always in times like these we make the best of it.

In this case „the best“ is staying at home and focusing on the really important things in life. That´s when the word „Time“ gets a whole new meaning.

All of the sudden we have time again. Time for our families, time to get thing done at home we always wanted to do but never had the time to do.
Part of that could be that our collections get a little more attention as usual and we might notice that some pieces might be missing. For that kind of thing the upcoming auction is a perfect opportunity.

But as already announced in our catalogue, due to the current situation, this time we can no let the auction take place in the usual venue in Hilzingen.

But we still want the auction to take place and because of that we have decided to go down a completely new path. For the first time we are going to do an online live-auction. So the auction is basically coming to your home. The registration is very easy and a manual is to be found inside the cover of our catalogue.

The auction will, as announced, take place on Friday 17.04.2020. On this day coins, medals and banknotes are going to be auctioned.

For this we have lots of pictures, descriptions and attests in our catalog and on Philasearch for you to look at and evaluate in all calmness.

Due to the current measures (social distancing, closed borders etc.) we unfortunately don´t have the capacity to make sure for everybody to be able to inspect the stamps, letters and lots.

Since this is as always an interesting part of our auction it is very important for the sellers as well as the bidders it is very important to be able to present the lots in a decent way. At the moment this is impossible. Because of that we unfortunately have to move this part of the auction to a still unknown date in the future. This counts for the lots #7722 to #9445 witch would have been auctioned on Saturday 18.04.2020.

We will keep you up to date via Internet and mail and let you know the new date as soon as we have news for you.

The single lots (#1-7721) and the Numismatik part will be auctioned as planned from Monday 20.04.2020 to Thursday 23.04.2020 online. For these lots we also have pictures and descriptions online ready for you.

If you would like to have more information about lots feel free to call us or write a mail. We are ready and willing to help.

You can as always bid through e-mail, fax, letter or internet or commisionaire as usual.

Despite all the regulations we still would like to give you the opportunity to come and see the lots. But we can only to this if you tell us in advance that you would like to come. We have to make sure that safety goes first. Because of those reasons we can only let you look at lots in seperate rooms on both floors, one at a time. Of course we do have sanitizer and tissues for you.

We are looking forward to this new challenge and if you have any questions just give us a call or write a mail. We are happy to help.